Good Morning Spring!

Today is the first day of spring.  This sweet little rainbow over our quiet, sleepy house is what we woke up to this morning.

That’s not really true.  What we really woke up to shortly before 5 am was this.

So instead of cursing at the storm that woke me up EARLY this morning, I ran out to take its picture.  And I was rewarded with this image!

(photo from

And by “we” I mean “we.”  The entire household.  All of them in our bed.  Watching and waiting for the lightning to cease and the thunder to fade away.  And the tears to stop running down little faces buried under pillows.  And the house stop shaking off its foundation with every quaking rumble.  As with most scary things in the dark of night, the storms moved on and the scene became funny; all of us crowded in the bed waiting for daylight.

After all that, the rainbow was a perfect way start the morning.  Or end the morning.  Or start the day.  Or whatever.  Today it was a little blessing to be thankful for.

Along with king sized beds and strong coffee.


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