A Swift Mood Change

This afternoon I surprised the girls with Taylor Swift concert tickets. I had the whole thing planned out and I stood in the hallway pretending to be trying to figure out something on my phone so I could capture them on video. They were shocked. They were thrilled. They were over the moon.

They were on an emotional roller-coaster.

Moments before they found the tickets, I asked them to fold some laundry (which, next to emptying the dishwasher, might be their least favorite chore). Let’s just say they were not enthusiastic about having to help. But, my oh my, did their collective mood change when Emily stumbled upon the golden tickets at the bottom of the heaping laundry basket. What a swift mood change! (Pun intended.)

See you tomorrow night in Raleigh, Taylor. I’ll be the one chaperoning the little ladies riding the wave of the swift mood change from teen and tween angst to unabashed joy!

Here’s the video. It’s long, but you need to get the full effect of the mood swing. Thank goodness for happy endings.

The end.

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