Sometimes Joy Comes In A Vase

daffodils in the snow

 “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” – Hal Borland

We’ve finally started to warm up around here.  If last year was the winter that wasn’t, this year is the winter that won’t end.  Mother Nature and her pal, Polar Vortex, have tested our sanity these past few months to say the least.

Look what were poking their little heads out of the last few mounds of snow the other day.  Yep, the daffodils.  It makes me so happy to see them each year.  I know they are down there and yet it takes me by sweet surprise when I see them bravely emerge from the ground.  They always seem to pop up just when I begin to think winter will never end, when I need a little sign of spring, of color, and new life.  The blossoms, though not even open when I took this picture, are such a welcome nudge to the bright side of life, aren’t they?  To think that they lay quiet all winter and survive the freezing temperatures and endure blankets of snow only to blossom and blossom is a small miracle.  Such a simple sign of hope and joy.


This morning we had several blooms.  They look so pretty in the yard.  So bright and happy and simple.

daffodils in a vase

Tomorrow morning they will look like this, because guess what is back in the forecast?  Yep.  A chance of snow.  Not much, thank heavens, but enough to be irritating.  And to freeze the very blossoms I am excited to see.  So these little babies will come inside this evening.  They will sit on the kitchen counter and remind me that one of these days spring will be here and “wintry mix” will no longer be in the forecast.  I will smile when I see them, knowing some things are worth waiting for.

I guess sometimes joy comes in a vase.


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