Goodbye Ice Cream, Goodbye Worry

Today is Ash Wednesday. I’m giving up ice cream and worry for Lent. Yes, Ice cream. It’s a vice, I tell you. It is my friend in good times and in bad and especially when I worry. Which is why I am giving that up too. I worry about, well, everything. I worry to the point of stupidity. Which really boils down to the need to work on strengthening my faith, don’t you think? As my wise husband says, believing and trusting are two different things. And I can say that I believe things will always work out until I’m blue in the face, but if I find myself worrying about everything, I’m not really trusting God’s plan for me, am I?

Hmmmm ….. something to ponder and worry about with Ben and Jerry. Blast! Why do ice cream and worry go hand in hand for me?! Is it a chicken and egg kind of thing? Who knows.

I wonder if it’s odd that the ashes on my forehead today look simultaneously similar to both a cross and Oreo chunk from the tub of cookies and cream? Probably not. Anyway, I won’t worry about it. I’m good with both.

And is it a coincidence that this is the truck I was stopped behind earlier today? Not likely.



Susie and I were discussing our Lenten sacrifices and when I told her one of mine was worry. This is what she sent me – the bible verse my sweet Godson is memorizing this week. She told me to read it. Twice. And I did. Coincidence? I’m thinking no.


Aidan's Bible Verse


Don’t you love it when little signs like that land in your lap? Or on your forehead? Or in front of your car windshield?

I sure do.




One thought on “Goodbye Ice Cream, Goodbye Worry

  1. Molly Pasutti

    wow Kelly…….I’m stunned at how loudly this rang true for me…I’m going to follow you and give up worry for lent (and hopefully forever) ….although I’m worrying just thinking about it…..somehow women just seem to be instinctual worriers …..Maybe we can change the language and call it “concerned”….or not…anyhoo, I’m going to give “not worrying” a go for lent…Thanks Kelly, this was nothing short of awesome. ! Love, Hugs, Courage, and Blessings , Molly


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