Finally Spring?

mini daffodil

Today is the first day of spring.  And I feel like that should be said in a whispered, hushed tone.  Or better yet it should come out of my mouth as a question, asked prayerfully.  Really? Pretty Please? Can it finally be spring?  I feel like if we get too excited about the tentative blooms (who can blame them?!) or the sun that has hesitated to peek out from behind the gloomy clouds this sunny and seasonable day will be snatched away.  Again.  Another tease in this insane winter that will not end.

Everyone has been grumbling about the winter we have had.  Even my husband who complains about nothing finally cracked with a comment that he is “just tired of being cold.” This has been the longest, coldest winter ever.  Or so we thought, but maybe it really it hasn’t been.  We heard just yesterday that it is only the 34th coldest winter on record.  Now, exactly who is recording and precisely what record they are speaking of, I do not know.  But it is interesting nonetheless.  Maybe we are becoming a bunch of wimps.  Could be.  I’ll buy it.  Polar vortex or not, I’m done with it.  I’m beyond tired of being cold and waiting for school cancellations, and making runs for milk and bread to avoid empty grocery store shelves, and washing piles of snow clothes.

D-O-N-E done.  I’m just ready for sunshine.

And I likely just doomed us all by saying that out loud too.  Given the way things have gone through the winter, this lovely sunny day will end with a crack of thunder which will bring us snow in 10 days – an odd “snow lore” discussed all over town and noted apparently in the Farmers Almanac.  But odd or not, it has happened nearly every time we’ve had snow this winter.  We know.  We’ve counted.

We were duped on the first day of spring a couple of years ago this very same way.  I sincerely hope today will not be a repeat.  I’m bravely going to test fate and open a few windows.  I may even cut the few blooms that did not freeze in the ice two days ago, and I’ll sweet talk Mother Nature and shout ask nicely if it can, indeed, finally be spring.



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