Some Fun For Your Friday

The Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! Here are five fun things to check out today.

Easter is really late this year.  Ever wonder why Easter changes dates?  Listen to this chap explain it in his smashing English accent.  The lovely ladies had me at hello.  Doris and Winifred,  I wish I was sitting next to both of you.  Or in between the two of you.  We would be fast friends. Drinking tea.  And making hats.

Kid President says “you were made for awesome.  And we can make every day better for each other.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Have you seen this kid?  He rocks.  Click here if you need a little pep talk today.

Cutting things in unusual ways has become a running joke around here this week.  I was reminded that I used to cut the boys’ hair.  Until I stopped because I really wasn’t that good at it. Maybe if I had this tutorial on how to cut kids’ hair I would still be at it?  Probably not.  But this did make me want to try it again just for fun. Or just play with a toddler. And have a absolutely adorable baby on my hip. And be crazy cool and live in an amazing NYC flat.

Anyone else see this commercial while watching basketball on TV and crying while their brackets were destroyed?  I made the boys replay it about five times and laughed harder each time.  I wanted to see it a sixth time but they told me no.  Luckily I have seen it aired since then.  And I can see it here too.

The mornings are finally not as dreadfully dark as they were a few weeks ago.  Dark and cold mornings are painful, aren’t they? I used to be a morning person.  Now I only halfway am. Halfway at best. But I’m working on it. Here are 24 tips on how to start the day off right.  I’m thinking no on #4.  But I am all about #8, 10, 13 and 24.

Enjoy the weekend!

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