Out Like A Lamb

March weather

Yesterday was the last day of March. And as the old saying goes about that marvelous month, “it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

I am not at all sure who said that, but it was certainly fitting for March this year. The above pictures are all from the month of March last week.  What a wacky meteorological roller coaster we’ve been on.

But yesterday gave proof to the old adage.  It was bight, blue, sunny, and beautiful. And 70. Pretty much picture perfect.

And seeing that it’s the same today, I’m happily enjoying it; ever so grateful for lambs.

Because lions are for the birds.

One thought on “Out Like A Lamb

  1. Cindy

    After spending two glorious days in working in the yard, I’m for the lambs, too! To see my first tulip pop up, the daffodils (finally) getting ready to make a show, the buds ready to open on the dogwood outside the kitchen window, and alas green leaves signaling the coming of hydrangeas – I’m so ready for spring.
    Love watching the birds darting around the yard – ready to nest – and the grass finally turning to glorious green….. yep, in love with the mother nature (before it gets blazing hot)!!!!!


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