These little guys popped out overnight.

They took me a little by surprise on this cloudy day.

Just over a week ago they were covered in snow and ice. I was not sure about the fate of the tiny fragile buds. I was unsure if the bright yellow blossoms would survive the harsh cold.

But they made it.

Through the freeze.

Through the harshness.

Through the dark days that seemed  to go on forever.

They made it.

And they are lovely.  And strong.

They seem to have a heightened beauty this year.  Perhaps more beautiful because of what they endured to survive.

A sunny reminder on this cloudy day, that spring follows every winter and hope spring eternal.

3 thoughts on “Blossom

  1. Cindy

    Something so striking in the simplicity of nature! The parallel drawn between life, the winter and the
    first show of spring was delicious! The wisdom of nature….and the wisdom of those who see the truth
    if even more magical. Beautiful heart, beautiful eyes my dear!

  2. Ann

    Kelly, You are the best! I agree you should post more often…brings me closer to you! My crocus are blooming! But I fear more snow on the way. A little rain today…much needed. Miss you much, love you more, MT Mom xoxox


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