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You See The Light In Me

I came across this song the other day and it is quite possibly the sweetest song I have heard in – well, maybe ever.

It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it.  Ok, maybe not EVERY time.  But lots of times for sure.  It simply makes me smile and makes my heart swell.  Here’s why.  First, Ingrid Michaelson and her husband Greg Laswell are adorable.  Second, I am sappy and this sweet duet captures something beautiful, unspoken and miraculous about love.  It reminds me that true love is the gift of someone loving you (and your broken parts) AND seeing the light in you, even when you don’t.

Perhaps it’s nearly 18 years of marriage that make my eyes well and my heart swell when I hear this song.  I think back to the days when Jason and I were just kids dating – there was certainly a lot of “light” to see.  We were so young and full of promise!  And now, 22 years later we’ve aged and “broken parts” are certainly more prevalent – both inside and out.

There are days when I look in a mirror and see a tired and worn reflection, hear myself distastefully raise my voice at the kids, lose patience with everyone around me, and just feel overwhelmingly insignificant.  It’s on these days, when Jason comes home to a cool, tired welcome that he most certainly does not deserve, that I wonder why he smiles as he looks at me.  What, I wonder could he possibly still see in me?

And I know exactly what it is he sees…it’s that light.  And I know that’s what it is because I see still see the same in him.  In fact, it just might shine a little brighter now than ever before.

This song will make you smile.  Or tear up.  Or sing along.  Or replay a thousand times. The lyrics are below.  Watch, listen and then go out and see the light in those you love.

The end.

I’ve tried my hand in silence,
it seems I should come clean.
When it comes to you and me girl,
I’ve avoided saying one thing
Its been there for a while now,
this line I will now sing
Till your mine, till your mine, I’ll sing

Oh baby, my baby,
You’ve held me
through many broken hearts
And maybe, just maybe
You can fix all my broken parts

And you took me by surprise
When you took my hand
And you with your dark brown eyes
You see the light, that I can’t see
You see the light in me.