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Feeling Blue

Feeling Bue

I snapped this picture a few weeks ago on a day trip to the beach.  I’ve never in my life had the color blue on my nails – hands or feet.  But I thought I would try it out on a whim, intending more to amuse my girls than to be trendy.  And while I’m fairly certain I didn’t rock the polish, it was fun while we were in the throes of summer.  Maggie even painted hers to match.

But now I can’t wait to take it off.  I’m not feeling the blue today – or perhaps today I am feeling blue?  Most likely it’s a little bit of both.

The kids went back to school and the lazy days of summer have once again slipped away.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am beyond ready for the return of some routine and order to the days (not to mention some much-needed order to the house!)  But at the same time, I am sad to have the hectic schedules return and the house to be so quiet, echoing as I type.  As ready as I am for school to start, I love having everyone home together and underfoot – even though it often tests my patience and tolerance for noise and chaos and mess.  And by often I mean daily.

It’s bittersweet, this return to school.  I am sad to lose lazy mornings, afternoons at the pool, family dinners that stretch into evenings of popcorn and board games.  I am sorry to say goodbye to days at the beach, movie nights that start much later than they should, late sleeping teenagers, and pancakes on weekday mornings.  It seems so odd that garage cubbies that were only days ago strewn with beach towels and swim bags now hold cleats and backpacks and gym bags. Calendars that were near empty a week ago are again near full with school and sports commitments, volunteer assignments and carpool dates.  I want to yell, “wait! what just happened?!”  But I don’t think anyone would hear me and the world would certainly not stop at my protests.

The end of summer seems to bring with it such an abrupt shift from relaxed to scheduled, slow to hurried.  And it makes me kind of sad, really.  I am left to wonder, once again, where all the time goes.  I’m reminded to slow down and enjoy life’s blessings. Each day’s bright sunrise should be a gentle nudge for me to be intentional and to delight in all the little joys that fill the day, the week, the month, the season.  Because before I know it, the day is done, the week is over, a new month begins, and the season changes.

Which, when I think about it for too long, leaves me feeling just a little bit blue. Or a lot bit blue. And tired and stressed. So, I think I’ll change the nail polish, find a new color that is more my style, and embrace all there is to love about the return to school, the comfort of routine, jam-packed schedules, and the end of another glorious summer.




Freezing Thyme & Freezing Time

Freezing Thyme

I took this photo the other day when we had a blast of cold winter weather.

It’s freezing thyme. Literally.

The thyme growing on my back deck was frozen. Outside, everything was frozen. The cold asphalt roads became thin sheets of ice. Grasses lining neighborhood streets were blanketed in white. Even desperate leaves on trees, clinging to brittle branches, bore coats of ice. Small icicles clung to the edges of play sets and roof lines.  Streets were silent and there was an eerie absence of sound, as if all signs of life were nowhere to be found.

But inside our house it was a different story altogether. The kids were all home, relishing the early release from school and the excitement of a break in routine. We all feigned disappointment as activities and sporting events that rule our calendar were cancelled, one after the other. My mom came over to be with us too, bringing added joy that only grandmothers can. There was laughter and life, voices and song, all awash in the soft yellow glow of the warm fire. Card games were played, board games entertained, and Wii sporting tournaments began as playful challenges were made. I delivered cocoa and billowing bowls of popcorn to willing captives. Everyone was happy. It was a perfect afternoon.


And for a moment I stood still, slightly out of sight. I stopped to just watch them all. I crave these days when the worlds stops and we just get to be. Be with each other in the confines of our happy walls, the cold gray world seemingly so far away. I wanted to remember this moment – the kids, my mom, the happy spirit that surrounded all of us. I wanted yet again to do the impossible.  I ached to freeze time. To keep things as they were just then. Everything in a quiet, unspoken harmony.


But ice melts and snow days pass. Garden thyme defrosts. And I am reminded once again that time cannot be frozen. Even on the coldest days when my heart is warmest.